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Full text of "Proceedings of the ... session of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Association [serial]"

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April 19-21. 1867. 





Friday Morning, April 19, 1867. 

The Association met pursuant to adjournment ; the in- 
troductory sermon was delivered by Elder R. P. Martin, 
from Romans i: 16, after which brother Elijah Jones sang 
and led in prayer. 

The Moderator being deprived of education, we failed to 
have reading before calling the names of the churches and 
enrolling the names of the delegates present, viz : 

JPleasant Grove — Asa Cousans, Nelson J. Cousans, Wm, , 
Cousans and William Moss. 

Lea's Chapel — Watte Johnson , 

New Bethel — Philip Wilson, Henderson Luster, Dudley 

Milton — Greene Jackson and Nathaniel Wooden. 
Cedar Grove — Stephen Williams and Thomas Pointer. 
Sinama — Wm. Tyler, Sr., Wm. Tyler, Jr., and Presley 

Oak Grove — Thos. Curtis, John Norwood and Elijah 

Antioch — Burl Jones, Wm. Moss and Albert Montague. 

Atkins' Grove — Monroe Alexander, James Ellis and 
James Alexander. 

Ephesus Chapel — Amsted Greene, William McGhee and 
Sidney Williams. 

Salisbury — No delegates present. 

Hiilsboro—No delegates present. 


Brother ¥m. Moss was unanimously elected Moderator, 
and John F. Woodie Clerk. 

On motion brother Asa Cousins was elected Treasurer. 

By request, brother R. P. Martin read the Constitution. 

Singing and prayer by brother Cuffee Mayo. 

On motion the Association then adjourned to meet at 
2 o'clock, P. M. 

two o'clock p. m. 

The xisbociatioii met and was openeu by singing and 
prayer, conducted by Nathaniel Wooden. 

Brief remaiks were made by Elder R. P. Martin to the 
Churches, for the purpose of obtaining funds to procure 
Bibles and hymn books, for the use of the different 

On motion, it was unanimously adopted that each church 
should furnish the sum of five dollars for the above stated 

On motion of brother Henderson Luster, Elder R. P. 
Martin was elected Bible Agent for the Association. 

On motion of brother Wm. Moss, the following brethren 
were appointed a committee to prepare resolutions, viz : 
Elder R. P. Martin, Greene Jackson, Nathaniel Wooden, 
Cuffee Mayo and Elijah Jones. 

After one hour in conference, the Association was ad- 
dressed by brother Edmund Howard, from Exodus xx : 2, 
3, followed by brother Cumbrey Ellis. " Thou shalt have 
no other Gods before me. 

After singing and prayer by brother Cuffee Mayo, the 
Association adjourned to meet the following day, at 9 A. M. 

Saturday Morning, 9 O'Clock, A. M. 
The Association met and was opened with religious ex- 
ercises, conducted by brother Cousans. 

*Up <X0{* 


The iu. "erator took the chair and called the Association 
to order, lae minutes of yesterday were read and ap- 

On motion the Clerk read the report of the committee 
and it was unanimously adopted. 

Brother Martin remarked that it being his birth day, and\ 
led to think of God's mercy in sparing him, he felt it his I 
duty to address them, which he did, from Luke xn : 32. 

lie was followed by Cuffee Mayo, from Romans vi: 7. 

Brother 1ST. Wooden led in singing. After prayer by 
brother Howell, the Association adjourned to meet at 2 
o'clock, P. M. 

two o'clock, p. m. 

The Association met and was opened by ''singing and 
prayer, conducted by brother Dudley Williams. > 

On motion Elder R. P. Martin read the letters from the 
following Churches : 

1st. Pleasant Grove, was organized on the 7th of Octo- 
ber, 1866, with twelve members, now numbers thirty- 
eight. Pastor, Elder R. P. Martin. 

2nd. Lea's Chapel, was organized on the 20th of Octo- 
ber, 1866, with the same, now numbers fifty-five. Pastor 
E. P. Martin. 

3rd. New Bethel, was organized October 14th, 1866, 
with twelve members, now numbers upwards of one hun- 
dred. Pastor, Elder Martin. 

4th. Cedar Grove, number not .known. Pastor, Alex. 

5th. Sinema, was organized JSTov. 18th, 1866, with 
twelve members, now T eighteen. Pastor, Cuffee Mayo. 

6th. Oak Grove, was organized October, 1866, it now 
numbers twenty-five. Pastor, Alex. Howell. 

7th. Antioch, was organized February, 1867, with twelve 



members, now numbers thirty-one. Pastor. Harry Crews. 

8th. Atkins' Grove, was organized 1867, now numbers 
forty four. Pastor, Combrey Ellis. , 

9th. Ephesus Church, newly organized, number not 
known. Pastor Elder E. P. Martin. 

10th. Milton Chapel, number not known. Pastor, 
Greene Jackson. 

11th. Hillsboro, was organized February, 1867, number 
not known. Pastor, Rev. H. Horton. 

12th. Salisbury, organized in 1867, now numbers one 
hundred and thirty. Pastor, Rev. Harry Cowans. 

The brethren from most of the churches report that they 
have no Sabbath School, for want of both books and 

After one hour s conference at the Church, Elder R. P. 
Martin retired to a private house to examine the following 
brethren, who felt they were called to labor in their Mas- 
ter's vineyard, viz : 

Combrey Ellis, Cuffee Mayo, Alex. Howell, Edmund 
Howard, Harry Crews, Elijah Jones, Greene Jackson. 

On motion, the Association appointed Harry Cowan and 
Z. Horton Presbyters, and P. P. Martin, Elder, who are to 
pass through the entire field three times a year, to look 
after the condition of the churches. 

On motion, Elder P. P. Martin was appointed Agent to 
procure a religious periodical for each of the ministers who 
have charge over each of the churches. \ 

It was moved and adopted that there be three District 
Meetings held the succeeding year. 

The first to be held at Antioch, Granville county, on the 
first Friday and Saturday of September next. 

The second at Lea's Chapel, Caswell county, the last 
Friday and Saturday of September next. 

The third at Salisbury, the second Friday and Saturday 
in October. 


Elder E. P. Martin and Presbytery may be expected to 
attend these meetings. 

Moved and adopted that brother Harry Cowans j>reach 
the introductory sermon for the next meeting of the Asso- 

An invitation from several churches being extended to 
this Association to meet with them next session, it was 
moved that we meet at Lea's Chapel, (ten miles West of 
Eoxborough,) in Caswell county, the first Thursday in 
August, 1868. 

After brief remarks from several of the brethren, the As- 
sociation adjourned, to meet at Lea's Chapel the first 
Thursday in August, 1868. 

Sabbath 10 O' Clock, A. M. 

We met at the Church. Elder P. P. Martin preached 
from Acts x : 47. Brother Alex. Howell, at 11 o'clock, 
preached from Acts m: 13. At 12 o'clock we repaired to 
the water, where Elder Martin baptized thirty-two persons 
upon the confession of their faith. 

The proceedings throughout the entire session was marked 
with good order and decorum. 

WILLIAM MOSS, Moderator. 

John F. Woodie, Cleric. 




Article 1. This Association shall be called the Pleasant Grove 
Baptist Association. 

Art. 2. This Association shall be composed of, first, all the or- 
dained ministers who are members of, or have pastoral charge of the 
churches within this Associational District, who shall be members of 
the Association ex-officio. Secondly, not more than three delegates 
from each church within the district aforesaid, who shall produce let- 
ters from the churches, certifying their appointment, in which said 
letters shall be stated the numerical standing of said churches, show- 
ing their additions, losses and change of membership, since the last 
Annual Association. 

Art. 8. The Association shall be held at least once a year, at such 
time and place as they may appoint, and shall be opened and closed 
with prayer. 

Art. 4. The officers of the Association shall be a Moderator, Clerk 
and Treasurer ; the last two offices, however may be held by the same 
individual, should such be the pleasure of the Association. 

Art. 5. The officers aforesaid shall be chosen at each annual session 
of the Association, by ballot or nomination, as may be the pleasure of a 
majority of the members ; and the Clerk shall be eligible to continue 
in office until another is appointed, and shall at all times perform the 
duties of Treasurer, unless another individual be appointed to the 
latter office. 

Art. 6. The Association shall have no right to interfere with the 
internal regulations of the churches, but may tender them advice, 
and, in case any of them should become corrupt in doctrine or prac- 
tice, exclude such from their fellowship ; and shall also have the power 
to adopt such measures as may be deemed proper to promote the in- 
terests of the Redeemer's kingdom. 

Art. 7. All Committees shall be appointed by the Moderator unless 
otherwise ordered by the Association. 

Art 8. A Committee of Arrangements shall be appointed, of which 
the Moderator and Clerk shall be members ex-officio. 


Art. 9. It shall be the duty of the Committee of Arrangements to 
prepare the business of the Association, and to consider the expe- 
diency or inexpediency of bringing any matter before the Association. 
The action of the Committee, however, in relation to any matter, shall 
not be conclusive : and, any matter or proposition which may be re- 
jected by them, may be brought before the Association by any member 
thereof, who may not concur in that decision. 

Art. 10. It shall be the duty of the Association to deliberate on the 
matter prepared by the Committee, whether queries or propositions 

the churches, or stiggjptions from th C mmittee, md 
such responses, and to oiler such counsels as may be deemed lit and 

A^t 11. The Association may invite "Baptist ministers (who may 
Lo present) Lv a seat iii their body, who suuu oe d,dmuied to iuo priv- 
ileges of counsel and debate only. 

Art. 12. No member of any church in this Association, shall be 
ordained without some education and gift for the work. 

Art. 18. The Constitution may be altered or amended at the annual 
meeting of the Association, by a vote of two thirds of the whole body. 

Art. 14. The power of appointing Presbyters for the ordination of 
ministers and the constitution of churches within this district, shall 
be vested in this Association. And it shall be the duty of the Associ- 
ation, at each annual session, to appoint a standing Presbytery, to 
attend to requests from the churches relating to these matters, daring 
the succeeding Associational year, and until a new Presbytery be 


1. The Moderator shall take the chair every day, during the session, 
at the hour appointed at the adjournment, and call the members to 
order, and on the appearance of a quorum, cause the minutes of the- 
preceding day to be read. 

2. He shall preserve decorum and order, and shall decide questions 
of order, subject to an appeal to the Association by any member. 

3. He shall rise to put a question, but may state it sitting. He shall 
have the right to call any member to perform the duties of the chair 

4. The Moderator shall not vote on any question, unless the Asso- 
ciation be equally divided. 

5. He shall not speak in debase while occupying the chair, but may 
call another to the chair, and then he shall have the privilege of 
speaking in common with any other members. 

C. When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any 


matter to the Association, he shall rise from his seat and address 
himself to the Moderator. 

7. When two or more members rise at the same time, the Moderator 
shall name the person to speak first. 

8. No man shall speak more than twice on the same question with- 
out leave of the Association. 

9. No member shall absent himself, finally, from the Association 
without leave. 

10. Decency of speech shall be observe^, and personal reflections 
avoided. ^ 

11. Whilst the Moderator is putting any question, or addressing the 
Association, no person shall speak, stand up, nor walk out or across 
the house; nor when a member is speaking, entertain private dis- 
course, stand up, or pass between him and the Moderator. 

12. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received 
but to adjourn, to lay on the table, to postpone indefinitely, to a day 
certain, to commit or amend, which several motions shall have prece- 
dence in the order in which they stand arranged. 

18. All committees shall consist of three members, unless otherwise 
ordered by the Association. 

14. A Select Committee shall be appointed on the first day of the 
Association, to select the ministers who are to preach on Saturday and 
the succeeding days of the meeting, and give notice thereof to the 
respective ministers, whose duty it shall be to conform to the arrange- 
ments thus made. 

15. When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be put by the 
Moderator, unless withdrawn by the mover. 

16. No standing rules shall be rescinded, altered or suspended, 
unless by a vote of two-thirds of the members present. 

17. The Constitution and Rules of Order and Decorum shall be read 
on Saturday of each session of this Association. 

List cf Ministers and their Post Offices. 


Pleasant Grove, 
Lea's Chapel, 
New Bethel, 
Ephesus Chapel, 
Milton Chapel, 
Cedar Grove, 
Oak Grove, 
Yadkin's Grove, 


R. P. Martin, 

Greene Jackson, 
Alex. Howell, 

it u 

Cuffee Mayo, 
Harry Crews, 
Zack Horton, 
Cumbrey Ellis, 
Harry Cowans, 


Roxboro, Person co., N. C. 

a u u 

Milton, Caswell co., N. C. 
Oxford, Granville co., N. C. 

Tally Ho, " 
Salisbury, N. C.